When it comes to the evolution of a country there are always many hurdles & opportunities. America is relatively young and vast has been able to grow at an incredible rate since its founding. It had many opportunities that other developed countries didn't: land resources, growing population, need for infrastructure(buildings railroad, homes, etc), leading to … Continue reading FranchiseUSA


Captain Obvious(TESLA)

When it comes to looking at Tsla as a company it is a fight to the death between bulls & bears.  The bulls look at it as a Religion claiming its a tech company that its all about the future, fully believing in Elon Musk.  All while the Bears see this as one of the … Continue reading Captain Obvious(TESLA)

Monetary Policy OUT, Fiscal Policy IN(new tax paradigm)

With the euphoria running high in the market  thinking that nothing can go wrong, & the asset prices at essentially all time highs it would make a momentum investor feel like a genius it makes me re-evaluate what side of the position people should be on right now. Goods: Trumps tax plan. The economy is … Continue reading Monetary Policy OUT, Fiscal Policy IN(new tax paradigm)


Whether everyone knows it or not: They are long or Short Volatility. The stock market(S&P500) is essentially a perfect Negative correlation with the VIX.  So if you are long the market, then you are essentially short the vix. The VIX is an index that charts the 'volatility' of the market. When the market drops, the … Continue reading VIX

Allocation: what is it? How to?

When it comes to property allocating a portfolio there are many different routes you can take.  Allocating across asset classes simply means to put pieces of your portfolio into different asset classes.  These asset classes can be broken down into roughly six segments: Stocks, Bonds, Currencies, Commodities, Real Estate, and Derivatives. We have all heard … Continue reading Allocation: what is it? How to?